Corporate Sustainability Resources

Corporate Sustainability Resources

The resource links on this page are just a sampling of what are available in the book as well as many more from the class at Harvard Extension School. Please use these at will, and if you would like more, we would welcome your participation in our class!

Business Case for Sustainability:

Business Case for Sustainability:

Natural Capitalism. (2012). Sustainability Pays: Studies that Prove the Business Case for Sustainability.

MIT Sloan Management Review & Boston Consulting Group -- Surveys on Business & Sustainability


Sustainability Footprint:

Professor Bob Kaplan video on Balanced Scorecard


Stakeholder Engagement:

UNEP & AccountAbility. (2005). Stakeholder Engagement Manual, Vol 1, The Guide to Practitioners’ Perspectives on Stakeholder Engagement.

UNEP & AccountAbility. (2005). Stakeholder Engagement Manual, Vol 2, The Practitioner’s Handbook on Stakeholder Engagement.


Environmental and Social Responsibility:

Ceres. 2010. The 21st Century Corporation: The Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability.

International Organization of Standards – Links to various international standards

Global Reporting Initiative – Links to GRI Standards


Economic Prosperity:

Link to Baldrige Criteria for Excellence



Creating Shared Value. Harvard Business Review. (2011). HBR’s Must Reads on Strategy.

Porter & Kramer. (2011). Creating Shared Value. Harvard Business Review.


Corporate Sustainability Management System:

Kaplan & Norton. (2007). Mastering the Management System

Kanter. (2011). How Great Companies Think Differently. HBR.


Supply Chain:

BSR & UNGBC. (2010). Supply Chain Sustainability: A Practical Guide for Continuous Improvement.

Video of Michael Porter on Shared Value



Murninghan. (2013). Redefining Materiality II, Why it Matters, Who’s Involved, and What It Means for Corporate Leaders and Boards. AccountAbility


Sustainability Reporting:

Boston College. (2010). How to Read a Corporate Responsibility Report: A user’s guide.

Palenberg, et al. (2006). Trends in Non-Financial Reporting. Global Public Policy Institute.

Meyer & Kirby. (2010). The Big Idea: Leadership in the Age of Transparency. Harvard Business Review.


Product Design, Marketing & Stewardship:

Chan-Lizardo, et al. (2011). Big Pipes, Small Pumps: Interface, Inc., Factor 10 Engineering Case Study. Rocky Mountain Institute. 

Bonini & Oppenheim. (2008). Helping ‘Green’ Products Grow. McKinsey Quarterly.


Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship:

The B Team

WeSpire – Empowering employees through Purposeful Work.