The late Ray Anderson…

Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability by Suzanne Farver

The late Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, once coined the phrase “striving for Mount Sustainability.” Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability is a book written for sustainability professionals who wish to scale that mountain. We welcome you to join us on the journey.

This book is the centerpiece for a…

Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability: Using Proven Tools to Promote Business Success has been the centerpiece for a popular corporate sustainability class taught on campus and online at Harvard University Extension School since 2013. It is also the textbook for many other sustainability classes in universities around the United States.  The book provides students and professionals alike with an overview of the most valuable management tools and resources available today. Through the examples of companies from around the world, you will learn about the various international standardized frameworks that can be adapted to your company. A second edition published by J. Ross Publishing is available in August 2019, with an expanded emphasis on climate change and appendices with additional resources.

A companion case book, Pathways to Success: Case Studies for Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability, is also published by J. Ross Publishing and available in August, 2019. Pathways provides examples of companies who have used sustainability principles to achieve bottom line business value. Each chapter matches with the Mainstreaming book, with discussion questions and links to additional resources.

These two books provide the essence of a solid sustainability resource for any professional seeking to learn how to incorporate sustainability into their business or organization.

Praise for Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability:

Suzanne Farver has blessed us with a terrific review of the current landscape of some of the best tools and strategies for infusing sustainability into the lifeblood of any organization. It’s the book I wished I had when I was struggling to deal with sustainability at the Fortune 500 company I worked for years ago.

-- William Blackburn, author, The Sustainability Handbook

This book is a cornerstone resource for my Harvard class on Corporate Sustainability Strategy. It is a well-structured presentation of the content, and provides my students with a clear understanding of the processes and tools available to develop a successful sustainability program. More importantly, it provides a great basis for rich discussions about the case studies we use in class, and serves a reference for them after they have finished their coursework.

-- Matthew Gardner, PhD, managing partner Sustainserv, adjunct faculty Harvard University

Praise for Pathways to Success:

Ms. Farver’s new book is a must read. It delivers real-world examples of sustainability-in-practice among leading companies, garnished with insightful references, useful tools, and thought-provoking questions that foster the understanding needed to plant sustainability deep and wide within your organization. 

William Blackburn, author of The Sustainability Handbook

Ms. Farver demonstrates with exceptional clarity how to learn from exemplary companies who deploy sustainability principles across their business operations. This case book is an invaluable teaching complement to Suzanne Farver’s excellent textbook on Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability.

-- Dariush Rafinejad, Provost Presidio Graduate School and author of Sustainable Product Innovation: Entrepreneurship for Human Well-being

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